Sea Shell Small Placemats

Sea Shell Small Placemats


Bring some coastal vibes to your home with these Seagrass small sized placemats. These placemats are perfect for small salad plates, bowl or just an accent piece. Surrounded by cowrie seashells, they will suit any indoor or outdoor table setting.



The placemat have been handcrafted in Java by skilled artisans who twist and stitch the seagrass rope into a round mate and decorate it with seashells.


Hence no two pieces are exactly alike. Perfect as a statement piece on your dining table on its own, or in a set.


*Coastal Collection*


Material: Seagrass Rope, Cowrie Shells

Size with Shell Border: 22.86 cm (9.0" in) 

Inside Size : 20.32 Cm (8.0")